Golden Gate Casino: Vegas’s Oldest

When it comes to the gambling city of the world, instantly people will think of Las Vegas. This exciting city in Nevada, USA has been the centre of gambling activity for the world for many decades now. In recent years this city has transformed in size and popularity making it even more attractive. People fly from all corners of the world to visit Las Vegas (most of them leaving empty handed) and there are still two distinct elements to it.

You have the “old town” original Vegas where the casinos first appeared, and this area still maintains its authentic look. You then have the newer “strip” where you will see some of the bigger names. Both areas have a very different feel, look and customers. The Golden Gate Casino is in the old town, on Freemont Street, and was built over 100 years ago. It is proud to be the oldest Casino downtown and is still going strong. Here are some of the things you will expect to see in this casino.


As with most of the big casinos in Las Vegas, the Golden Gate is also a hotel. The hotel has a large variation in the room types which include the standard ones but also different levels right up to Penthouse. The prices for this hotel seem reasonable and if you are flexible with the dates you could bag a good deal.


The casino has almost every single table or card game that you can think of but what adds more to this is the actual casino experience. There may be nights when there are “dancing dealers” or even a dealer who is dressed up as your favourite pop star. In addition to this, there are literally hundreds of different slot games. The minimum stakes for a go on blackjack or roulette are a lot less than what you get in other casinos. As there is more an authentic look and feel about this casino, you will also get a lot of the good old standard slot games and maybe even a few bingo games that don’t have all the jazz and lights. As such, if you would prefer a shot of a conventional one arm-bandit games, this is the place to check out.

Bars / Entertainment

This casino is based right in the middle of Freemont Street which is the centre of street entertainment. You will see bands and artists entertain on the outdoor stages. Inside the casino there is a bar which includes all every drink that you can think of. As you are in Vegas, you can expect to receive free drinks whilst you are gambling (although you really should give the wait staff a tip when they bring it to you), a note of great importance though, it is a terrible idea to gamble whilst inebriated, so stick to soft drinks! Seriously!

If you are headed to Las Vegas, you should definitely check out the Golden Gate casino. Whether you are staying here or just swinging by, it is bound to offer you a brilliant time just so long as you gamble responsibly and don’t get carried away.

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