Will Online Casino Outgrow Online Sportsbook?

It will be of no great surprise to any seasoned punter that the increase in online casino use has been stark over the course of the last 12-18 months. As sporting events have been cancelled, punters have struggled to fill their hobby time with events to place a casual punt on, and as such, data suggests that they’ve turned their hand to both online casino and online poker.

The rise in new casinos to the market has been stark – both casinos registered with the UKGC and those licensed in other jurisdictions have seen staggering rises over the past year, as firms battle for market share in what was an already competitive space. You can find some examples here of some of the newer ones to market – some are from start-up firms, and others are from established players in the market who are looking to introduce new brands as part of an ever-growing portfolio.

But is this trend here to stay? The hunch is that it may revert to form, with sportsbook returning to its former glory now that major sporting events have been given the green light to continue. Furthermore, the implementation and adoption of tighter control over gambling habits, especially in light of the pandemic, may force operators back to what they know best.

One thing is for sure, however – whilst there has been a surge in activity, having a large pool of international players interested in the gaming side is not a new thing. It’s a hobby that has a connection with millions across the world who are trying to outwit the house edge, and this is something that won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon.

Whilst it’s unlikely to outgrow online sportsbook, the reality remains unchanged – it is most certainly here to stay.

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